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Just write

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

“At the end of the day, somewhere very far away, a young man was looking through the window, when he saw the widow standing in the usual spot, his tears streamed down as he had one last thought – today was the day she can’t forget and hates to remember.

Before it all began, it was a remarkable life plan, one filled with joy and laughter, that shouldn’t end in disaster… it was such a great design he explained. Even though he gave it all he had, at the intersection of his life, he met the knife, he tried to be tough but it wasn’t enough. If you look at the history of his life, he shouldn’t be surprised, things were never great, even his plan was denied.”

Now you might read this text and don’t see how it got to where it got. But this is another tip. Just write. Whatever, whenever, move the wheels of you’re brain. Make it think harder. Rhyming actually gets you creating complex texts since it not as easy as it looks.

When I get stuck writing something I stop, start something else. Could be something completely different. Something that is just practice for the brain. I don’t know what will come from this text. It might live forever just here in the blog. But maybe, just maybe it will become something more later on. One thing for sure, at least for me, writer’s block means to write something completely different and it will clean the mind and get your thoughts ready for more.

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