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Don’t fall in love

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

It’s not worth the heartache. They say that everyone loves to hear themselves talk. Same about writing/creative ideas/any kind of art. Everyone loves the things they create. We feel like this is the best thing anyone has ever done and we are so proud and it’s ready as it is. True as it may be, when it comes to writing, my tip is – Never fall in love with what you create.

The reason I am saying this is because you will change everything or add a single letter, redo the headline Paragraph or find a better double meaning, delete, add, re-order, think you’ve finished, start again, reset, delete all, copy, paste, and all over again. It’s the writing process that is different from other creative creations.

Some of the best writers are their own worse critics. And that builds confidence and strive to be better, write better. If you love writing you can’t fall in love with what you write. One of the best ways to get a critic for something you’ve written is to ask someone that you trust to read what you wrote and give you feedback. The smart thing is to remember that no matter the feedback or advice this person gives you, at the end of the day, it’s your work, your name signs it and you should take advice and feedbacks up to a point you’re satisfied, but still feel that this is your work. Complaints will come to you and not to the feedback givers.

A second thing to remember is that giving feedback is a lot easier than writing a piece from scratch. Don’t let anyone take what you write and make it their own. From my experience, in advertising, the number of times a text or an idea gets a “fix-up” from others is unbelievable and it’s a job by itself just keeping the work you’ve done, as a copywriter, with the same intent you’ve had in mind. But to see your idea, your words, become something real, an ad, a website, a tv/radio spot – it can really make everything worth it.

So, don’t fall in love, give room for change, and be brave.

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